Spotlight On: Poppin


Nothing makes me want to work more than a pretty desk. Writing emails, staring at spreadsheets, dating and filing receipts are all made a little easier when you’ve inspiring surroundings. A pretty print to look at or a beautiful pen pot to make it all worthwhile. I have always been (and always will be) a lover of stationery supplies.

Be it a pen that makes my handwriting legible (and gives me the ever present ‘grown up’ feel I am always craving) or the way I have organised my in/out tray; stationery gives me the 'feels' I need to propel me to finish totting up sales for the month and send that last email.

That’s why when I came across Poppin. I stood up, took notice and promptly decided to throw all my home office supplies out the window and start afresh. It's everything. They sell everything from desk accessories to furniture. It legitimately are your one stop shop to furnish your entire office. It's amazing. 

They are your standard stationery supplies; but not as you have ever seen them before. Poppin design their ranges to make the user happy. Everything works with another in the range to create an organisation system that is all your own, quirks and all and the happier the user is, they more productive they are. 

Everything, from your humble stapler to your much needed monitor raiser (yes, you do need one) is created to make you the happiest and therefore your most productive you can be at your desk.

Each piece is sleek and considered; the stapler and tape dispenser are of similar dimensions so that can live side by side without triggering the ‘Type A/Monica’ in you and aren’t large enough  to fiddle and therefore loose an hour or more moving things around to your liking

They come in so many colours that you'll be spoilt for choice; if you want a colourful desk or a monochrome on (I currently live in a minimal cloud of white, grey and copper)  you can have one, without sacrificing your precious organised space.

Alas, getting Poppin in the UK is a little complicated; however trusty aggregate sites like Hop Shop Go (one of my personal favourites for US shipping) allow you to have stock only available in the states delivered to nearly any country in the world with little to no fuss. 

So are you ready to overhaul your desktop?
I know I sure am and it sure will be Poppin!