Want It Wednesday


Autumn is well and truly here! 
I love this time of the year, you can start wearing your coat and hats again (it's a little too warm to scarf up!) and hot chocolates during the day are completely fine. 

What I am not loving is the productivity drain it has on work. You know the feeling, four'o'clock hits and you are ready to turn the lamps on, wrap up in a blanket and watch any movie or documentary Netflix can throw at you!
Deadlines and articles are the last thing on your mind. 

I've found, that I have had to use all manner of tricks to keep me going, that won't keep me awake until six in the morning making the next day that much worse. 

So I have turned to something a little more wholesome, and I wish i had done it sooner!
Aromatherapy is more than just a relaxation tool and this autumn I am putting it to solid use.

Did you know that your sense of smell is so strong that can influence brain activity? It's why when you smell something it invokes memories long forgotten. 
So why aren't I already using this tool for more than sniffing out mulled wine of an evening?

So I turned to the one thing already in my home (and home office) in abundance. Scented Candles. 
One of the best scents for productivity is the humble lemon. 
The scent helps with concentration and is the perfect thing to calm you down if a deadline is getting on top of you.

Not only does this make your home feel clean, and fresh; it gives you the push you need to finish the articles and calm any niggling anxieties you may have. 

I have been obsessed with True Grace's candles to help me with my productivity (and because the packaging gives me the most joy!) Founded in Wiltshire; this company is all about sustainably sourced, premium quality candles. Each one is hand poured and the wax is 100% natural. 

They have helped me no end. If you aren't sure, they even offer a sample for you to try (an infused leaf!!) so you can try out this life changing trick for yourself. 

It will be the extra push you need, so you can feel like the first hot chocolate and documentary of the evening is well earned after a long, productive day.