Question: How do I get the most from Instagram?

A lot of us are addicted to Instagram. A lot of us use Instagram, for personal and  for business use. How many of you exclaimed how happy you were when multiple accounts were allowed to co-exist on the app. I certainly did. 

With 300m+ daily users this is an app you cannot ignore. Many businesses (The Study Room Included) start there story on the photo sharing app, with teasers, logos and now stories highlighting what's to come. 

So how to you get people to follow your Instagram most importantly keep them interested?
We have been working, researching and applying ideas to our own account (have a look and follow us!) to see what works and what doesn't to help you get more Instagram followers and more business as a result. 

How Often are you posting?

Really, how often do you post? Do you find a particularly inspiring (tree/coffee/sunset) post 20 different angles and leave it for the another few weeks?
That will not help you to gain and keep followers. Put yourself in your followers shoes. You haven't seen anything new for weeks, possibly months, to them you're dead in the water and they want no part of it. 
Make sure you update regularly (We try to post no more than four times throughout the day) this lets your followers know, that you are still there and are still interested in sharing your story with them.

There are hundreds of wonderful apps that help you to schedule your posts, like Buffer & Hootsuite who allow you to photodump all angles of your sunset and post them throughout the week or month. Many of these sites offer a free service too, so it costs you nothing to make use of these. 

Do you rely to comments?
Do you Interact with your followers?

If you've shared a picture and your phone has not stopped pinging away have you taken the time to see what is going on? It's not always likes that are happening. 
If a post is doing particularly well, you will often find comments will follow. Are you reading them? Are you responding? If you aren't people will loose interest, fast.
Sometimes a simple thank you with a tag attached can make all the difference. Equally are you interacting with the posters you admire? Say that cup of coffee looks amazing, your incredibly jealous of their office set up. Start the dialogue. Not only will this bring you to the attention of the people you like, but it will also bring their followers to you too.  

It's like a compliment in person, thank them. They have taken the time. You should too. 

Are you Reposting... Correctly?

Sometimes a follower can post something that you wish you had the foresight to say or show yourself.


Share it with your followers too!
Reposting an image can be a highly effective way of speaking to your followers. Buffer have seen a growth of 60% by posting user generated (a professional term for RGing) content on their feeds. 

You can do this in varying forms, including calling your own followers to action with a specific hashtag, highlighting your affection of another brand or influencer or holding a competition that involves involves a photo. 
However, if you decide to do this, make sure you give the original poster credit. Nothing is more off putting when someone else shares your content as their own. Don't do it. If it happened to you, you would not be happy about it Instagram is a community, just like The Study Room. stealing (in any form) is not only mean, but it devalues your brand. 
Tag the original poster (RG = Regram, C/O = Courtesy of, etc.) will  go a long way in establishing your instagram account (and therefore your business) as a credibly member of the community who shares inspiration, not steals it. 

Do you know what time your followers are active?

Instagram now runs on an algorithm, not chronologically. Boo.
So you now have to work that little bit harder to make sure your posts are landing at the same time your followers are scrolling.

You may have noticed in the last few months that business accounts have become a thing. This does more than just let your followers know that it's a business account.

It provides incredible analytics on your posts; including telling you what times your followers most active.
This gives you the opportunity to schedule your posts so they hit at the right time and stops your followers from thinking you've fallen off the edge of a cliff. 


These are just a few of the hacks, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Instagram account and help you gain and keep your followers. Social Media is a big deal; with 2.3 billion active users it's an area of marketing you simply cannot ignore.
Instagram is a fun, easy to use tool; that can give you a HUGE reach and help you to get your business off the ground.
We won't pretend, it's quite nice having ten minutes a day to scroll through some beautiful pictures! 
Who wouldn't day no to that?

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