Spotlight On: Cafes

As a small business or freelancer, we know that we aren't always as productive when you are working in your home office or your kitchen table. 
The lure of snacks, procrastination (the desperate need to put another load of laundry on) and catching up on your favourite shows while staying in your pyjamas can sap whole hours or even days from your #Boss goals. 

The Study Room is about changing that, so we have been packing up our laptops and heading out to find the best places for you to really get some work done. 
Because the world will not end if you don't put another load of colours on, but your business might!

Park Theatre Cafe, Finsbury Park

This is a lovely place to work, hold an informal meeting or to just hang out, after a long day of being a boss. 
The cafe itself is set across two levels, the mezzanine is open plan and bright with large tables and a relaxed and comfortable feel. No one is too loud or too overbearing so it's easy to keep working if you are on your own. 

They even have a theatre dog, Hazel who is cute and friendly; dog's have been proven to boost your productivity.
So you really can't go wrong setting up shop here.

This is first and foremost a theatre, so there is no shortage of inspiration when brainstorming. We are particularly fond of the ceiling covered in books, it allows your daydream while you are being productive.

The coffee and food is delicious and reasonable; so it easy for you to spend your full day grazing, working and getting stuff done without breaking the bank.

It's a great Friday work-space too, with an extensive bar; a day of work can easily translated to an evening of winding down with friends. We've never been there without a fun, amiable atmosphere during the day and you wouldn't feel like you need to leave at the stroke of five.

Spotlight - Cafe56StJames - The Study Room London

This is the cafe is made for the freelancer. It's fun and friendly with an extensive menu and a cosy atmosphere.
This is the closest you'll get to working on your kitchentable, in the best way!
It's small, cute and the coffee is amazing. This is also a great place for a Friday workday too! Every week the cafe transforms into the cocktail bar complete with charcuterie boards to devour after a long day of spreadsheets.

With locally sourced produce, the food is tasty as well as being moreish,  everything you need to get the most out of your working day.  

Grab one of the tables in front of the coffee counter; you'll be tempted by the cakes on offer but are comfortable enough to have a conversation or a working lunch with you colleague. 


Hoxton Grill, Hoxton

If you are looking for something that is bustling and super luxurious to work in, look no further than Hoxton Grill. Located on the bustling and ever creative Great Eastern Street. (The location is a great 'middle ground' for all commutes; seconds from the overground, minutes from the train and tube)
It's open from 7am (handy for those early risers out there) with the luxurious banquettes and pretty awesome menu you would find it hard to leave... ever. 

This is the perfect location for you if you want to work, with coffee and brunch (I am a big fan of their eggs Florentine) and stay for a professional meeting. 
It's a stones throw from the silicon roundabout so a perfect location if you freelance in the tech industry or are meeting someone within industry for a brainstorm.

This is one of my 'splurge' locations to work, If I have a meeting or another engagement close to the city, this is the perfect place to work, send emails (sometimes with a cocktail in the afternoon) before moving on to a meeting or having a meeting there. It's centrally located so it's one of the best place for it.


Kensington is one of the best places for a Sunday Lunch or a brunch, but The Blue Corner Cafe is one of the best to work in if you are looking for tasty food, a calm and relaxed environment. 
Located literally across the street from the trade show hub Olympia, this cosy modern cafe offers the perfect place to 'pre-game' a trade show with tasty breakfasts, brunches, lunches before you pound the aisles. 

This used to be my go to location for a coffee and a treat (I worked a stones throw from the location in a previous life) The breakfasts are reasonable, the staff friendly and location excellent!

This, unlike the others isn't open late, but the calming atmosphere will be more than enough to get you to your productive best. 

These have all been tried and tested by our team, who feel so much more productive for it. 
We are working on creating a space for you to call your own; with friendly faces, great coffee and above all a hub for study and discussion. 
Making life as a small business or freelancer a little less lonely.

Where do you find you are most productive?
Let us know in the comments!