Spotlight On: Argent

The Study Room loves a new business that likes to encourage one another to succeed. 
We try our hardest to understand, promote and champion any company that extols these values. When I came across Argent a few weeks ago, I was intrigued, inspired and ready to whip out my credit card. 

I spoke with the formidable, fun and witty designers of the brand to find out why they have started their collective to find out why they started the brand, what they hope to achieve and what to expect from them in the next few months. 
Argent clothing has a pretty courageous and (unfortunately necessary) statement about their collections. They are on a “mission to make clothing that equips women to push the envelope and take their seat at the table” and like us, hope to build a community who are confident and are ready to make themselves known to the wider world. 

The designers, Sali & Eleanor are cool and confident, the physical embodiment of the clothes they design. They are passionate about helping women to succeed through the clothes they chose to wear for work. Based on both sides of the US coast they’ve a unique understanding of a modern working women with a unique perspective.

"“I can only speak from experience,but for me, I want it to be really easy and prescriptive.

My favourite pieces, having seen the collection are The Chambray Shirt, Tuck Jumpsuit & The Cross Over Blazer & Cropped Trouser

These are the best items for a modern #BossLadies wardrobe. They are fun, easy to transition from day to night and made to give every wearer the confidence they need to take a seat at the table and take charge. 
Each item wittily describes the clothes function and beauty and really does make it a little easier to get ready and feel confident if you are tackling your first big pitch as a start up or attacking your next month meeting. 

The best thing about their collections? They are functional as well!
The Jumpsuit tuckable so it isn't a nightmare when you need the rest room. 
They've even created a reversible suit saves on space, is beautiful and perfect for your work trips. 

The Collection is available to buy via their website, which unfortunately doesn't ship to UK at the moment, but you can have this confidence inducing collection shipped to you via an aggregate, like HOP SHOP GO that allows you purchase goods from the states, with a small charge. 

To find out more about Argent and what they do, have a look at their website here or follow them on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter