Question: My #DubaiLife, Taking the Plunge

Are you thinking about throwing in the towel and starting again? The Study Room is here for you!
Laura Roberts is a digital content specialist who helped to build the profile of successful youth fashion app Shopcade, decided  to do just that. She has written about her experience of quitting London and starting anew in Dubai.

My desk is wherever I fancy that day

My desk is wherever I fancy that day

“Dubai? Oh right. Why would you move there?” This was the general reaction my husband and I were faced with when we told people of our imminent relocation to another continent.
Of course, we also got smatterings of delight and excitement along the lines of “wow, all year sun” and “living the dream” thrown into the mix, but for the most part, it was something people struggled to fathom.

After all, we were (fairly) successful twenty-somethings, we had our own house in London and were ticking along quite nicely, so why upset the apple cart and quite literally cart ourselves off to a completely different country?

Put simply, we wanted an adventure. Put selfishly, we wanted to earn more money. I wouldn’t say this was the primary motivation; I think a mixture of London transport’s failings certainly contributed to my desire to bugger off abroad, but also in my line of work (as you can tell, I’m a wordy sod) I felt stifled by the lack of opportunities for writers; both in terms of remuneration and scope of work.

So, I considered working abroad… as one does. One particularly drunken conversation in Turkey 10 months earlier, had started the wheels in motion and then in August this year we took the metaphorical plunge.I would be lying if I said it was easy going.

Trying to land a job prior to our move was fruitless; I was slightly hampered by Ramadan and Eid falling when it did, which meant companies worked shorter hours and in effect the job market shut down for a few months. Undeterred, I moved here and pestered every connection I’d made- either through LinkedIn (HUGE in this country) or through a phone or email conversation I’d had with various recruiters I’d contacted. It was promising. They all assured me that my skill set was very desirable (thank god, because if they hadn’t, I’d have been royally in the sh*t) and that it was just slow going at this time.
And that was just it. It WAS slow- painfully so. 45 degree heat rendering me house bound and raging with cabin fever, I applied for anything and everything, peddling my wares via writing samples and witty intro emails.

One week in… it paid off. Copy-writing is an interesting business. Mainly because everyone thinks as long as you can write, you can write copy and the sorry truth is you can’t. It’s a skill and a special one at that- and no I’m not saying I’m an expert, far from it. I’m the kind of person that doubts their ability at times, but works damn hard to prove themselves. Here was an opportunity to refine my craft, learn from different creatives and juggle many writing styles and briefs.

I was determined to make the experience memorable, and so I did (my fuzzy leaving do springs to mind) but in all seriousness, it was just what I needed to get my A-game back. But, and there is a BIG but… it just wasn’t the gig for me. And so, I ploughed on.

Buoyed by my success in actually getting a break, I began to scope out what my ‘perfect role’ would look like, which is where you find me now. What kind of job do I want? Honestly, I have no clue and in the UK that would have terrified me. Here in Dubai, it’s just another opportunity to discover my next big adventure

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