Want It Wednesday

As freelancers and small business owners, I can assume you are as much of a sucker for a decent notebook as I am. There is nothing else that can make you feel more in control than a strong will, a notebook and determination to succeed. Richard Branson once said that he wouldn't have been able to build his Virgin Empire without one, so it's important you find one that is a perfect fit. 


Notebooks, like people come in all shapes and sizes and much like a patronus (in my opinion) there is a perfect notebook for each user. 

This notebook, from historical stationer Clairefontaine is one of the best all purpose notebooks I have found. You'd expect nothing less from a company who has been in the stationery business for over 200 years. They've had time to perfect the art. 

The 90gsm vellum paper is perfect for writing with a majority of inks; perfect for fountain pens, like my favourite fountain pen  without the risk of bleed onto the other pages. 
Each A5 notebook lies flat when open so it's easy to multi task when out for coffee, at a meeting or journalling.

It comes in a variety of colours from the classic black to modern kraft so you can index these beauties specific to your needs.

The best thing about these notebooks is that they are DIRT CHEAP! You could get five and it would could you no more than £15!
So knock yourself out! I love these, and I know you will too!
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