Want It Wednesday

Burning the midnight oil is a part of the job when you start a business or freelancer; you have to put in the hours to make your business successful. Late nights, early mornings and every available moment is spent at your desk. So having a lamp that can help you work into the small hours is essential. 


Having been in the business of lamps for over 80 years, Anglepoise are a British institution. So much so that they've even graced a stamp!

The strength of Anglepoise is based squarely in functionality and design. The articulated design combine flexibility with perfect balance making sure the lamps stay exactly where you need it and no where else. 

I love these!
They are beautiful, functional and have a huge weight of creative history behind them (these lamps were said to be the lighting of choice for lighting legend Roald Dahl)

If a lamp can inspire Roald Dahl to write Charlie & the chocolate factory, it can inspire me to finish typing my invoices. 

Get the classic 1227 Desk Lamp here


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